About Our Office

Endodontic Practice with focus on patient comfort under ergonomic settings

Dr. Gaurav Vasudeva had a clear vision before he established his endodontic practice having worked in private, public and university hospitals over two decades. "I slowly realised over the years the kind of specialist practice I wanted to have. This was not only for my personal satisfaction and maintaining high standards of care but also for my patients, who could depend on me and trust my standard of care in a comfortable environment"

Root Canals general carry a poor reputation amongst public more commonly due to social media, the way the procedure is portrayed and is considered a painful treatment. On the contrary, this procedure is done not only to retain your existing teeth but to relieve pain. Keeping the above in mind, we wanted a practice that doesn’t particularly resemble an intimidating clinical or hospital environment. It needed to have a relaxed and comfortable reception with a friendly and welcoming feel and that is exactly what The endodontic Practice Perth brings.

The Practice is designed keep ergonomics at the top of our list both for patients and staff including the clinicians. The everyday workflow is smooth without interference in terms of the environment and repetitive movements are unrestrictive. The dental char is comfortable as root canal procedures are long and can 60 to 90 mins for the appointment.   Everything is in house including the CBCT unit for 3D scans and situated right next to the surgery where our patients don't have to walk or go a long distance. The entries and exists  are planned ergonomically. Our aim and goal is simple and that is to provide the best possible experience to our patients in a comfortable environment for their root canal treatment and related procedures.